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and another 0.3d problem

kadmin> get -l allbery
               Principal: allbery@ECE.CMU.EDU
       Principal expires: never
        Password expires: never
    Last password change: never
         Max ticket life: 1 day 1 hour
      Max renewable life: unlimited
                    Kvno: 4
                   Mkvno: 0
                  Policy: none
   Last successful login: never
       Last failed login: never
      Failed login count: 0
           Last modified: 2000-12-14 18:49:14 UTC
                Modifier: allbery@ECE.CMU.EDU
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  /usr/local/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -l
talus# gdb /usr/local/heimdal/sbin/kadmin core
#1  0x3000000aa78 in xyzprintf (state=0x11ffff348,
    char_format=0x1400011b7 "(%.*s)", ap={__base = 0x11ffff450 "",
      __offset = 32}) at snprintf.c:354
#2  0x3000000b6a0 in vasnprintf (ret=0x11ffff900, max_sz=0,
    format=0x1400011b7 "(%.*s)", args={__base = 0x11ffff450 "", __offset = 
    at snprintf.c:573
#3  0x3000000b5a4 in vasprintf (ret=0x11ffff900, format=0x1400011b7 
    args={__base = 0x11ffff450 "", __offset = 16}) at snprintf.c:548
#4  0x3000000b464 in asprintf (ret=0x11ffff900, format=0x1400011b7 "(%.*s)")
    at snprintf.c:492
#5  0x12000f9fc in print_entry_long (princ=0x11ffff930) at get.c:185
(gdb) f 5
#5  0x12000f9fc in print_entry_long (princ=0x11ffff930) at get.c:185
185                 asprintf (&salt, "(%.*s)", k->key_data_length[1],
(gdb) print *k
$2 = {key_data_ver = 2, key_data_kvno = 4, key_data_type = {3, 3},
  key_data_length = {8, 0}, key_data_contents = {0x14000eb20, 0x0}}

This (asprintf()ing a NULL pointer with %s) works on Solaris but not on DU;
and it's a bad habit anyway.  Tsk tsk.  :)

brandon s. allbery     [os/2][linux][solaris][japh]    allbery@kf8nh.apk.net
system administrator        [WAY too many hats]          allbery@ece.cmu.edu
electrical and computer engineering                                    KF8NH
carnegie mellon university      ["better check the oblivious first" -ke6sls]