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Re: 0.3d on FreeBSD 4.2-Stable

On Fri, Dec 29, 2000 at 07:41:01AM -0800, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> >Did you see this?
> No.  Because configure is finding RC4, MD*, SHA*, DES in
> FreeBSD's -lcrypto, hence KRB's -ldes isn't built.

I don't think that is why.  On my systems the build also finds
FreeBSD's -lcrypto, yet des is still built.  

  checking for MD4Init... no
  checking for MD4_Init... no
  checking for MD5Init... no
  checking for MD5_Init... yes, in -lcrypto
  checking for SHA1Init... no
  checking for SHA1_Init... yes, in -lcrypto
  checking for des_cbc_encrypt... yes, in -lcrypto
  checking for RC4... yes, in -lcrypto
  creating des
  cp ./des.h ../../include/des.h
  cp ./md4.h ../../include/md4.h
  cp ./md5.h ../../include/md5.h
  cp ./sha.h ../../include/sha.h
  cp ./rc4.h ../../include/rc4.h

I will have to investigate further when I have a chance.   Perhaps the
full output of your build would be useful to me.

Jacques Vidrine / n@nectar.com / jvidrine@verio.net / nectar@FreeBSD.org