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Re: readline, editline, sl and snprintf

On 25 Jan 2001, Brian May wrote:

> >>>>> "Derrick" == Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org> writes:
> Is this Heimdal 0.3d?

not exactly, but let's say yes

> My immediate questions is:
> why does libeditline.a contain vasprintf?  (it should be able to use
> the version in libroken.)

look carefully at the error; because roken's snprintf.c is being compiled
(into libeditline) as part of the editline compile process

> If a grep the editline source code for "vasprintf" I don't find any
> matches (Heimdal 0.3d), except a macro definition which doesn't seem
> to be used anywhere:
> roken_rename.h:#define vasprintf _editline_vasprintf

you're honing in on vasprintf. you shouldn't be. it weas just the first
symbol in snprintf.o that i got an error for.