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Re: Heimdal / MIT incompatibilities

Chris Chiappa <griffon+heimdal-discuss@snurgle.org> writes:

> 1) kadmin hangs trying to do any operation.  Here's a backtrace while trying
> to perform a "get":

Our kadmin uses a different protocol, so "we don't expect that to
work." :-)

It should probably recognize a MIT server/client at the other end, and
fail gracefully.

> kinit: converting creds: Unknown error 2544761088

I think this is because the MIT krb524d insists that the ticket use
des-cbc-crc, which it might not be. You should check output from
krb524d, since the conversion isn't done by the kdc.

> there appears to be the problem that heimdal is treating the error
> code as an unsigned number when it should really be signed:

Shuld fix both of these, thanks.