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krb4 support


i am a new user of Heimdals Kerberos and i have
tried to compile Heimdals sources on SOLARIS 7 with
krb4 support. I only have the krb4 sources from MIT Kerberos 1.2
and with thees sources the Heimdal sources dont compile
(The krb4 support results to many error to recover!!)

Can anyone tell me where i can get the correct krb4 sources to
work with Heimdal ? (The krb4 sources from MIT dont compile, too old!!!)



Dr. Elmar Abeln              email: Elmar.Abeln@URZ.Uni-Heidelberg.DE
Im Neuenheimer Feld 293	     phone: +49 (6221) 54 4513
D 69120 Heidelberg	     fax:   +49 (6221) 54 5581