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Re: afs-support

--On Friday, March 23, 2001 04:22:46 PM +0100 Elmar Abeln 
<elmar.abeln@urz.uni-heidelberg.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> Thanks to all who answered to my question. It works very well.
> But two remarks on compiling the Kerberos V package:
> 1. The command "gawk -f roken.awk roken.h.in >make-roken."
> works not on our Solaris 7 but on AIX42 and AIX43.
> 2. in kdc/kaserver.c :
>   a) the include file "kerberos4.h" doesnt exist.
>   b) the statement
>     server_entry = db_fetch4 ("krbtgt", v4_realm, v4_realm);
>     if (server_entry == NULL)
> should be
>     ret = db_fetch4 ("krbtgt", v4_realm, v4_realm, &server_entry);
>     if ( ret )
> But i have an other question:
> What is the right way to install afs-support for "afslog" or Kens "aklog"
> ? The afs-key from /usr/afs/etc/KeyFile must be storred in the Database
> for the principal afs@REALM and for afs/realm@REALM.

Generate a newer versioned key for afs@REALM in heimdal; Then
ktutil -k AFSKEYFILE:KeyFile get afs@REALM
on each AFS server. At this point the newest AFS key should match what's in 
Heimdal and hence you're handing out tickets for.