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Re: RC4-HMAC code

Jeff Dunning <jsd@lanl.gov> writes:
> Can code in the Heimdal distribution be used to decode a pre authentication 
> using the RC4-HMAC encryption type used by Windows 2000?

Yes, that's what the KDC would do if it got pre-authenticated requests
with that encryption type.

> If so, can you give me a short road map to the code?

I think you want the part in kdc/kereros5.c:^as_rep that starts:



But basically the pre-authentication data is encoded in an
EncryptedData, so you need to unpack it from there, decrypt it (which
is what krb5_crypto_init - krb5_decrypt_EncryptedData does), then
unwrap it again, now as a PA-ENC-TS-ENC and then you have the

The crypto functions used there are generic, but the
lib/krb5/crypto.c:^ARCFOUR_subdecrypt function should be the one that
(eventually) gets called and does the real work.

I hope this is useful and what you were looking for.  Otherwise,
please reformulate your question. :-)

> I am thinking that the testrc4.c program can be modified for this
> purpose, but I wanted to ask before I go too far down this path.

What testrc4.c program?  Where did you find it?