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Accumulated patches

Since these seem to not have made it into 0.3f final I've made an
accumulated diff.  The fixes/patches include:

* ktutil list of an empty keytab segfaults.  To reproduce:
  ktutil --keytab=krb4:/dev/null list

* kinit can convert to v4 when renewing v5 tickets (me) and the --524convert
switch for kinit to convert from v5 to v4 without any other actions (Derrick

* kinit warns of errors with v4 ticket files

* A tweak in gssapi/verify_mic.c which prevents the Krb5 patches for Openssh
( http://www.sxw.org.uk/computing/patches/openssh.html ) from segfaulting.

* A change to convert_creds which makes v4 tickets useful with renewable v5
tickets (like MIT behavior).

If any of these aren't acceptable for some reason it would be nice to get a
reading on what's wrong with them...I find them all fairly crucial.

And one silly thing that can probably be ignored:

* A couple of implicit decls in telnet (harmless)


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..ooOO chris.chiappa@oracle.com       | and certainly not those OOoo..
..ooOO http://www.chiappa.net/~chris/ | of my employer          OOoo..
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: .deps
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/admin: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/admin: ktutil
diff -x Makefile* -x getifaddrs.c -x *.lo -x *.o -x *.x -x hdb.h -x stamp-h.in -x configure -x telnetd.h -ur heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/admin/list.c heimdal-0.3f-pre/admin/list.c
--- heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/admin/list.c	Thu Jun 29 04:21:40 2000
+++ heimdal-0.3f-pre/admin/list.c	Thu Mar  8 22:15:53 2001
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
     krb5_kt_cursor cursor;
     krb5_keytab_entry entry;
     int optind = 0;
-    struct key_info *ki, **kie = &ki, *kp;
+    struct key_info *ki = NULL, **kie = &ki, *kp;
     int max_version = sizeof("Vno") - 1;
     int max_etype = sizeof("Type") - 1;
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/afsutil: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/afsutil: afslog
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/afsutil: pagsh
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/common: libcommon.a
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftp: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftp: ftp
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: ftpcmd.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: ftpd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: gssapi.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: krb4.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: security.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/ftp/ftpd: security.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kf: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kf: kf
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kf: kfd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kx: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kx: kx
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kx: kxd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kx: rxtelnet
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kx: rxterm
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/kx: tenletxr
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/login: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/login: login
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/otp: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/otp: otp
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/otp: otpprint
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/popper: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/popper: pop_debug
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/popper: popper
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/push: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/push: pfrom
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/push: push
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/rcp: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/rcp: rcp
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/rsh: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/rsh: login_access.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/rsh: rsh
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/rsh: rshd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/su: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/su: su
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/libtelnet: libtelnet.a
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/telnet: .libs
diff -x Makefile* -x getifaddrs.c -x *.lo -x *.o -x *.x -x hdb.h -x stamp-h.in -x configure -x telnetd.h -ur heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/appl/telnet/telnet/commands.c heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/telnet/commands.c
--- heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/appl/telnet/telnet/commands.c	Sat Feb 24 10:52:30 2001
+++ heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/telnet/commands.c	Sat Feb 24 22:11:30 2001
@@ -57,6 +57,9 @@
 static int margc;
 static char *margv[20];
+extern int linemode;
+extern int resettermname;
 static void
@@ -988,10 +991,12 @@
  * 'mode' command.
+extern int kludgelinemode;
 static int
     kludgelinemode = 1;
     send_wont(TELOPT_LINEMODE, 1);
     send_dont(TELOPT_SGA, 1);
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/telnet: telnet
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/telnetd: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/telnet/telnetd: telnetd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: gssapi_client
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: gssapi_server
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: nt_gss_client
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: nt_gss_server
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: tcp_client
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: tcp_server
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: uu_client
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/test: uu_server
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/xnlock: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/appl/xnlock: xnlock
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: build-stamp
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: config.h.in
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: config.log
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: config.status
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: debian
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: asn1.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: asn1_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: bits
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: com_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: com_right.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: config.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: der.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: editline.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: gssapi.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: hdb-private.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: hdb-protos.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: hdb_asn1.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: hdb_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: heim_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include/kadm5: admin.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include/kadm5: kadm5-private.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include/kadm5: kadm5-protos.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include/kadm5: kadm5_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include/kadm5: private.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: kafs.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: krb5-private.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: krb5-protos.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: krb5-types.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: krb5.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: krb5_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: otp.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: sl.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: stamp-h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: vers.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: version.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/include: version.h.in
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: install-stamp
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kadmin: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kadmin: add_random_users
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kadmin: kadmin
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kadmin: kadmind
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kdc: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kdc: hprop
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kdc: hpropd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kdc: kdc
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kdc: kstash
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kdc: string2key
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kpasswd: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kpasswd: kpasswd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kpasswd: kpasswd-generator
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kpasswd: kpasswdd
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: generate-requests
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kauth
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kdecode_ticket
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kdestroy
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kgetcred
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kinit
diff -x Makefile* -x getifaddrs.c -x *.lo -x *.o -x *.x -x hdb.h -x stamp-h.in -x configure -x telnetd.h -ur heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/kuser/kinit.c heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser/kinit.c
--- heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/kuser/kinit.c	Sat Feb 24 10:54:07 2001
+++ heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser/kinit.c	Sun Apr  8 05:35:55 2001
@@ -164,6 +164,7 @@
 int renewable_flag	= -1;
 int renew_flag		= 0;
 int validate_flag	= 0;
+int convert_flag        = 0;
 int version_flag	= 0;
 int help_flag		= 0;
 int addrs_flag		= 1;
@@ -189,6 +190,9 @@
     { "afslog", 	0  , arg_flag, &do_afslog,
       "obtain afs tokens"  },
+    { "524convert",     0  , arg_flag, &convert_flag,
+      "convert existing TGT to version 4" },
     { "cache", 		'c', arg_string, &cred_cache,
       "credentials cache", "cachename" },
@@ -252,18 +256,47 @@
     exit (ret);
+static void
+convert_524(krb5_context context,
+            krb5_ccache cache,
+            krb5_creds *creds)
+    int tret, cret;
+    if(!get_v4_tgt)
+        return;
+    cret = krb524_convert_creds_kdc(context, cache, creds, &c);
+    if(cret)
+        krb5_warn(context, cret, "converting creds");
+    else
+    {
+        tret = tf_setup(&c, c.pname, c.pinst);
+        if(tret)
+            warnx("saving v4 creds: %s", krb_get_err_text(tret));
+    }
+    memset(&c, 0, sizeof(c));
+    return;
 static int
-renew_validate(krb5_context context, 
-	       int renew,
-	       int validate,
-	       krb5_ccache cache, 
-	       const char *server,
-	       krb5_deltat life)
+renew_validate_convert(krb5_context context, 
+                       int renew,
+                       int validate,
+                       int convert,
+                       krb5_ccache cache, 
+                       const char *server,
+                       krb5_deltat life)
     krb5_error_code ret;
     krb5_creds in, *out;
     krb5_kdc_flags flags;
+    if(convert)
+        get_v4_tgt=1;
     memset(&in, 0, sizeof(in));
     ret = krb5_cc_get_principal(context, cache, &in.client);
@@ -314,6 +347,17 @@
 	goto out;
     ret = krb5_cc_store_cred(context, cache, out);
+#ifdef KRB4
+    if(!ret)
+    {
+        convert_524(context, cache, out);
+        if(do_afslog && k_hasafs())
+            krb5_afslog(context, cache, NULL, NULL);
+    }
     krb5_free_creds (context, out);
     if(ret) {
 	krb5_warn(context, ret, "krb5_cc_store_cred");
@@ -406,9 +450,10 @@
 	ticket_life = tmp;
-    if(renew_flag || validate_flag) {
-	ret = renew_validate(context, renew_flag, validate_flag, 
-			     ccache, server, ticket_life);
+    if(renew_flag || validate_flag || convert_flag) {
+	ret = renew_validate_convert(context, renew_flag, validate_flag, 
+                                     convert_flag, ccache, server,
+                                     ticket_life);
 	exit(ret != 0);
@@ -561,11 +606,16 @@
 #ifdef KRB4
     if(get_v4_tgt) {
+        int tret;
 	ret = krb524_convert_creds_kdc(context, ccache, &cred, &c);
 	    krb5_warn(context, ret, "converting creds");
-	    tf_setup(&c, c.pname, c.pinst);
+        {
+            tret = tf_setup(&c, c.pname, c.pinst);
+            if(tret)
+                warnx("saving v4 creds: %s", krb_get_err_text(tret));
+        }
 	memset(&c, 0, sizeof(c));
     if(do_afslog && k_hasafs())
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kinit.c.foo
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: klist
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/kuser: kverify
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/45: lib45.a
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_APOptions.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_AP_REP.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_AP_REQ.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_AS_REP.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_AS_REQ.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_Authenticator.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_AuthorizationData.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_CKSUMTYPE.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_Checksum.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_ETYPE_INFO.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_ETYPE_INFO_ENTRY.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncAPRepPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncASRepPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncKDCRepPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncKrbCredPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncKrbPrivPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncTGSRepPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncTicketPart.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncryptedData.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_EncryptionKey.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_HostAddress.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_HostAddresses.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KDCOptions.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KDC_REP.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KDC_REQ.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KDC_REQ_BODY.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KRB_CRED.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KRB_ERROR.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KRB_PRIV.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KRB_SAFE.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KRB_SAFE_BODY.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KerberosTime.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_KrbCredInfo.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_LastReq.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_MESSAGE_TYPE.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_METHOD_DATA.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_NAME_TYPE.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_PADATA_TYPE.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_PA_DATA.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_PA_ENC_TS_ENC.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_Principal.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_PrincipalName.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_Realm.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_TGS_REP.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_TGS_REQ.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_Ticket.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_TicketFlags.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_TransitedEncoding.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_UNSIGNED.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_compile
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_err.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_files
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: asn1_print
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: lex.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: libasn1.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: parse.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/asn1: parse.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/com_err: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/com_err: compile_et
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/com_err: lex.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/com_err: libcom_err.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/com_err: parse.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/com_err: parse.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/editline: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/editline: libeditline.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/editline: snprintf.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/editline: strdup.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/editline: testit
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/gssapi: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/gssapi: libgssapi.la
diff -x Makefile* -x getifaddrs.c -x *.lo -x *.o -x *.x -x hdb.h -x stamp-h.in -x configure -x telnetd.h -ur heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/lib/gssapi/verify_mic.c heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/gssapi/verify_mic.c
--- heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/lib/gssapi/verify_mic.c	Sat Feb 24 10:55:40 2001
+++ heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/gssapi/verify_mic.c	Sun Apr  8 03:15:48 2001
@@ -244,9 +244,14 @@
     OM_uint32 ret;
     krb5_keytype keytype;
+#if 0
     ret = krb5_auth_con_getremotesubkey (gssapi_krb5_context,
+    ret = gss_krb5_getsomekey(context_handle, &key);
     if (ret) {
 	*minor_status = ret;
 	return GSS_S_FAILURE;
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: asn1_Event.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: asn1_HDBFlags.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: asn1_Key.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: asn1_Salt.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: asn1_files
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: asn1_hdb_entry.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: convert_db
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: hdb_asn1.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: hdb_err.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: hdb_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/hdb: libhdb.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: dump_log
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: ipropd-master
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: ipropd-slave
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/lib/kadm5: ipropd_master.c~
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: kadm5_err.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: kadm5_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: libkadm5clnt.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: libkadm5srv.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: replay_log
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kadm5: truncate_log
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kafs: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kafs: libkafs.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/kafs: resolve.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: .libs
diff -x Makefile* -x getifaddrs.c -x *.lo -x *.o -x *.x -x hdb.h -x stamp-h.in -x configure -x telnetd.h -ur heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/lib/krb5/convert_creds.c heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5/convert_creds.c
--- heimdal-0.3f-pre.orig/lib/krb5/convert_creds.c	Tue Jul 11 15:30:04 2000
+++ heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5/convert_creds.c	Sat Mar 10 12:31:31 2001
@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@
 	if(ret) goto out;
-	v4creds->issue_date = v5_creds->times.authtime;
+	v4creds->issue_date = v5_creds->times.starttime;
 	v4creds->lifetime = _krb_time_to_life(v4creds->issue_date,
 	ret = krb5_524_conv_principal(context, v5_creds->client, 
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: dump_config
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: heim_err.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: heim_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: krb5_err.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: krb5_err.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: libkrb5.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: test_get_addrs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/krb5: verify_krb5_conf
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/otp: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/otp: libotp.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/otp: otptest
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: glob.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: ifaddrs.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: libroken.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: make-roken
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: make-roken.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: roken.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/roken: vis.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: lex.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: libsl.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: libss.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: mk_cmds
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: parse.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: parse.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: strdup.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: strtok_r.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/sl: strupr.c
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/vers: .libs
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/vers: libvers.la
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/vers: make-print-version
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/lib/vers: print_version.h
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre: libtool
Only in heimdal-0.3f-pre/tools: krb5-config