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> > 2001-06-18T20:52:04 Failed to open database: Unknown error 4294936306
> > <griffon>lumberjack-pts/4[261]~$ perl -e 'printf "%d", 4294936306;'
> > -30990
> > which I'm guessing is this:
> > /usr/include/db.h:#define       DB_OLD_VERSION          (-30990)/*
> > Out-of-date version. */
> Aha, I assume you linked against a different version of libdb?
> This was with db2, wasn't it?  I think what's happening is that
> strerror is returning that string for you.
Right.  Well, the old version was linked against db2 and the new one against
db3.  So, it's not really a Heimdal error per sae, but even ignoring the
lack of error message, the signed/unsigned issue is disconcerting.


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