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Re: where are the principals getting added

On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 11:39:08AM -0000, novice  heimdal wrote:
> I have built(heimdal.0.4b.tar.gz) heimdal for ldap and set database in kr5.conf 
> [kdc]
>      dbname=ldap:ou=kerberosPrincipals dc=padl    dc=commkey_file = /path/to/mkey

That cannot be right! dc=comkey_file = ... is not a valid distinguished
name. If the dbname should point to a DN is should probably bee the
root of your directory context which is not dc=padl,dc=com unless you
are padl.com :-) Use dc=your,dc=domain if your domain is your.domain.
Prefixing the context with ou=kerberosPrincipals serves to store 
kerberos stuff in a separate directory context (compare to a folder in
a filesystem)

	MVH leifj