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Re: Re: Re: heimdal ldap interface

Unfortunately due to the architecture of iPlanet DS it would
be difficult to add support for LDAP over domain sockets without
the source code (eg. as a plugin). It would be relatively
trivial I expect with source code.

-- Luke

>From: "novice  heimdal" <heimdal@rediffmail.com>
>Subject: Re: Re: Re: heimdal ldap interface
>To: "Luke Howard" <lukeh@PADL.COM>
>Cc: joda@pdc.kth.se, heimdal-discuss@sics.se
>Date: 14 Sep 2001 04:45:40 -0000
>hey luke
>>Not trying to be a pain, but the architecture of the 
>>LDAP backend is not designed to support network LDAP. 
>>was a deliberate design decision on my part, in part to 
>>the implementation simple (support for binding and 
>>was not needed) and also because you don't want to be
>>transmitting secret keys over the network.
>>-- Luke
>yes that sounds very convincing 
>thanks for that prompt replies 

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