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Re: Scripting kadmin

>    I was wondering if there was any way to create a script to bring up a
> kerberos realm?  Ideally I'd like to be able to create a realm, add a bunch

You could look at the boxedpenguin scripts -- they bring up an MIT
krb5 realm (and openafs cell) and all apropriate keys.  While the
commands won't match heimdall/arla exactly, there's probably a nearly
one-to-one correspondance - at the protocol level, you need to end up
with the same principals, after all.  See www.boxedpenguin.com
(mailing list archives are there, as are packages and sources.)

We'd probably consider a heimdall/arla version of the setup, or
integrating a contributed one, especially if someone had a strong
reason to justify the complexity of supporting both (the boxedpenguin
goal is to provide *fewer* choices so you can just install it and get
some work done, after all :-)

			_Mark_ <eichin@mekinok.com>
			Systems Engineering and Instant Infrastructure