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Re: [xad] Re: MS kerb drafts

>I wrote one for Heimdal, which can actually only negotiate the krb5
>gss mechanism, it should be in the next release.  I've tested it
>against itself, but I need to test it against windows 2000 too.  Did
>you want it to do other gss mechanisms too? :-)

Fantastic! Luke Leighton wants to do NTLMSSP. The UMich NFSv4
folk are getting somewhere with SPKM3 with MIT's Kerberos (they
have reenabled Sun's mechglue.)

(Luke: I suggest you implement SSPI on top of Heimdal's
GSS-API if you really want the SSPI API. :-))

Then we need to get the DCE RPC runtime to use GSS-API instead
of native Kerberos V APIs, and we should be rocking...

-- Luke
Luke Howard | lukehoward.com
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