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Kerberos 5 PAM module


 > Send them to heimdal-bugs@pdc.kth.se (only developers) or probably to 
 > heimdal-discuss@sics.se (will pointers to patches if they are large)
 > if they are of general interest.

I have ported the pam_krb5-module originally written by Frank Cusack to 
Heimdal (with some modifications). Is anyone interested in this? It has 
some configuration options (store a credential cache on dist or not, 
destroy the credential cache on logout or not, get a forwarable, 
proxyable or renewable ticket, etc.). Additionally it can change passwords.

I have only tested it under Linux, but since Frank Cusack originally 
wrote it for Solaris, I don't see why it should not run there, too.

Stephan Siano