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RE: MS kerb drafts

Hi John,

>The first posting of the referrals I-D (to the cat WG) has what win2000
>does exactly. Since there was interest in pursuing referrals on
>standards track, the current I-D evolves from the win2000
>implementation. Attempts have been made to keep it compatible with
>win2000 when it makes sense.

OK, I've got a preliminary implementation of name canonicalization
(for client referrals). A few more questions:

- In an old article by Peter Brundrett, he notes that a KDC would
  need to support NetBIOS names of the form \\SERVER\share. Is
  this correct? Should they be mapped to service principals of

- Is there any documentation on the GSS-API authentication flavour
  as used in Microsoft's RPC implementation? I'd like to get the
  FreeDCE runtime interoperating with Windows 2000.


-- Luke

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