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Problems building heimdal rpm


I have some problems building an RPM for heimdal.

In my rpm .spec file (see attached), I do (something like)

./configure --prefix=/usr/heimdal
make prefix=/tmp/hmdl install

When using prefix= with install, libtool somehow creates the libraries
to be dependent on the old versions. I think it has something to do
with libtool and some paths.

Does anyone have a tip of how to solve this. Maybe it is possible to
add $prefix/lib to libtools searchpath. I'm not very good with
libtool, so I don't know to fix this.

If you want to test this first rename your old /usr/heimdal to
something else, then build as above. For me 'make' just continues and
doesn't even notice that libtool fails and all libraries do not get built.

Ideas anyone?

Peter Ehlin
Name:           heimdal
Summary:        Heimdal kerberos5 implementation
Version:        0.4e
Release:        1
Source0:        ftp://ftp.pdc.kth.se/pub/heimdal/src/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
Source1:        heimdal.sh
Source2:        heimdal.csh
Source3:        krb5.conf
Source4:	heimdal-ekrsh
Source5:	heimdal-ftp 
Source6:	heimdal-kf
Source7:	heimdal-krsh
Source8:	heimdal-kx
Source9:	heimdal-rsh
Source10:	heimdal-telnet
Group:          Networking
License:        BSD
BuildRoot:      /var/tmp/%{name}-buildroot
Prefix:         /usr/heimdal

Heimdal is a free implementation of Kerberos5 available from
http://www.pdc.kth.se/src/heimdal, also the home of KTH-Krb --
a likewise free impelementation of Kerberos4. Heimdal is main-
tained and produced in Sweden (outside the US!) and is in the
public domain in the sense of the Wassenaar agreement and is
thus freely exportable.


%setup -q

./configure --with-krb4=/usr/athena --with-readline-lib=/usr/lib --with-readline-include=/usr/include/readline --enable-kaserver --enable-shared=yes --without-ipv6

make prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/heimdal install
gzip $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/heimdal/info/heimdal.info || true
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/profile.d
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-ekrsh $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-ekrsh
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-ftp $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-ftp
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-kf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-kf
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-krsh $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-krsh
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-kx $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-kx
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-rsh $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-rsh
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal-telnet $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-telnet
install -m 0755 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal.sh $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/profile.d/heimdal.sh
install -m 0755 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/heimdal.csh $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/profile.d/heimdal.csh
install -m 0644 $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/krb5.conf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/etc/krb5.conf


/sbin/install-info /usr/heimdal/info/heimdal.info.gz /%{_infodir}/dir

if [ $1 = 0 ]; then
    /sbin/install-info --delete /%{_infodir}/heimdal.info.gz /%{_infodir}/dir


%attr(-,root,root) %config /etc/krb5.conf
%attr(-,root,root) /etc/profile.d/heimdal.csh
%attr(-,root,root) /etc/profile.d/heimdal.sh
%attr(-,root,root) %config /etc/xinetd.d/heimdal-*
%attr(-,root,root) /usr/heimdal

* Fri Oct 12 2001 Peter Ehlin <pelin@voxi.se>
- Updated to heimdal-0.4e

* Mon Aug 13 2001 Peter Ehlin <pelin@voxi.se>
- Updated to heimdal-0.4d

* Thu Jul 26 2001 Peter Ehlin <pelin@voxi.se>
- Updated to heimdal-0.4c

* Mon May 21 2001 Peter Ehlin <pelin@voxi.se>
- Updated to heimdal-0.3e

* Sun Dec 17 2000 Peter Ehlin <pelin@voxi.se>
- Updated to heimdal-0.3d, new spec file.