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Heimdal 0.4e and Cygwin

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-otp ; make

Works, well, almost works.

The only serious problems appear to be:

 - Cygwin defines iruserok() in unistd.h but does not provide an
   implementation, therefore ./configure detects that iruserok() is
   missing and lib/roken/iruserok.c fails to compile because it
   redefines iruserok()!

   Cygwin needs a fix, if anything, but I'm not sure how to workaround
   this.  I worked around it by manually editing config.h and
   lib/roken/Makefile... The only thing that fails to build then is

 - The same klist.exe binary in /tmp/heimdal-0.4e/kuser/klist.exe works,
   but, the *same* binary, located in /usr/local/bin/. Then again, if I
   copy klist.exe to /usr/bin/ it works.

   Cygwin is slowly making me crazy. Time to dig through the FAQs or the
   Cygwin lists... and I'm not finding anything.

   Is there something magical about /usr/local/ on Cygwin that prevents
   binaries I compile from working?

 - When I try to link a simple conftest program to check for
   gss_init_sec_context() gcc/ld fail to link, listing lots of OpenSSL
   symbols as being undefined - adding -lssl to the gcc command line
   does not fix the problem. This is probably something to do with the
   above klist.exe problem.

I'm running make check now. Most checks are passing.

If only I can figure out exactly how to install Heimdal so things link
and run correctly. Perhaps I have to ./configure with --prefix=/usr,
since manually installing Heimdal binaries to /usr/bin seems to work...

Help, please...

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