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Re: su not working?

--On Thursday, January 31, 2002 07:28:41 +0100 Linus Nordberg
<linus@nordberg.se> wrote:

> Måns Nilsson <mansaxel@sunet.se> wrote
> Thu, 31 Jan 2002 02:15:16 +0100:
>    I'm probably just overlooking something here. I'm trying to get the
> heimdal    su to ask for my kerberos root instance pass-phrase, but it
> just skips to    the normal Unix root passwd query (which works)
> Do you have <login>/root@REALM in ~root/.k5login?

Nope. That's it. Now it works. Thanks a lot! 

I'll think about a good place in the documentation for this little valuable
info-snippet and put it there. 

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