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Re: heimdal, ldap-backend, afs

A simple way is to put all information about a user in the one entry.

Create the user's posixAccount information using the MigrationTools
or your favourite method, make sure they also have the krb5Principal
object class and krb5PrincipalName attribute set to their principal
name and, in principle (!) a user need only have their Kerberos 
password set to populate the rest of the Kerberos attributes.

-- Luke

>From: Ralf Grabow <heimdal@systron.de>
>Subject: heimdal, ldap-backend, afs
>To: heimdal-discuss@sics.se
>Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 00:55:41 +0000
>I've look for a example how to design ldap-db for storing
>kerberos-data, login-information (homedirectory, shell, uid, ...),
>or there is somewhere else a good starting point.
>I didn't found any examples on the web.
>  Ralf

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