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kadmin: Fatal: could not seed the random number generator Abort- core dumped

Hi all,
I have downloaded and installed heimdal-0.4e on Solaris machine.

My /etc/krb5.conf looks like this
more /etc/krb5.conf
        default_realm = SONATASPARC.COM
        default_etypes = des-cbc-md5 des-cbc-crc

        SONHP3.COM = {
                kdc = sonata-sparc.cybssl.com:88
                admin_server = sonata-sparc.cybssl.com

        .cybssl.com = SONATASPARC.COM


When i try to Create the Database, i am getting error as

# ./kadmin -l
kadmin> init SONATASPARC.COM
Realm max ticket life [unlimited]:
Realm max renewable ticket life [unlimited]:
kadmin: Fatal: could not seed the random number generator
Abort - core dumped

Please help me to solve this.

Many Thanks,
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