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Re: afskauthlib

kpam checks for krb5_afslog in heimdal's libkafs (which is built auto-
matically, but only if kth-krb is built _static only_). For some reason
the kpam's check doesn't always work. I have reproduced the problem and
am looking into it.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 01:49:37pm +0100, Peter Magnusson wrote:
> Im trying to compile kpam with:
> ./configure --with-krb5=/pkg/heimdal/default/linux24/ --enable-afs
> --with-krb4=/pkg/kth-krb/default/linux24/ --with-install-path=/lib/security/
> but it says:
> checking for krb5.h... yes
> checking for krb5_afslog in -lkafs... no
> ERROR--------------------------------------
> you used --enable-afs,
> but heimdal is built without afs support
> ERROR--------------------------------------
> but i cant find out how i should compile heimdal with afs support. Nothing
> in the readme, nothing in configure --help.
> I think its lib/auth/afskauthlib/afskauthlib.so that i want to compile but
> even if go there and compile and install it, kpam would still not detect
> it.
> So how do i compile heimdal with afs support? Have i missed something
> obvious?