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Heimdal 0.4e and krb4

Is is possbile to buld Heimdal 0.4e with krb4 support?  I've installed
KTH krb4-1.1.1 in '/usr/local/krb/kerberosIV', '/usr/athena', and
'/usr/local', but with no combination of "--with-krb4=",
"--with-krb4-lib=", "--with-krb4-include=", CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and
CFLAGS can I get the 0.4e configure script to find the krb4
installation. ("--with-readline=" is likewise useless.)  I've long
known that all of that GNU autoconf/automake/libtool stuff is
thoroughly brain-dead, but whats the point of including a "--with-krb4"
configure option that doesn't work?

David S.