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W2k client questions

I'm using Heimdal 0.4e as as KDC for a network of Unix (IRIX & Solaris 8)
as well as a Windows 2k domain.  All of the functions work great and
interoperability with MIT Kerberos (which is used on the Unix side of
things) works well.

Two questions about Windows though:

1) Whenever a user logs in using the Kerberos realm, there is a relatively
long pause (5-8 seconds) that occurs just after clicking OK to log in --
this delay does not occur if a user logs directly into the Windows domain.
Any idea what is causing this, or if there is any solution?

2) Is there a way to get Windows to use preauthentication?  I tried
setting the require-preauth option in my principal and tried to log in via
Windows login.  Gave me an error which said something to the effect of
"not enough resources to complete operation."  Not too much info there...

Thanks for any answers you may have!
Jason Garman / jgarman@wedgie.org