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Re: RedHat's pam_krb5 port for Heimdal

2002-06-06, cs keltezéssel Johan Danielsson ezt írta:
> Balazs GAL <balsa@rit.bme.hu> writes:
> > I dont think, but it is implemented currently in pam_krb5 configuration
> > and we try to write as conformable code as possible.
> I'll take a look at it.

Thanks. But don't trouble to find a sollution to it by any means.
For me is sufficient the simple "yes this only one". I only asked it
because maybe i was only simple blind (to not find the sollution)

Thanks for Your help


If anybody is interested in help, in testing or to find bugs, then the
source is available at http://www.rit.bme.hu/~balsa/pam_krb5/