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Re: Problem with name resolving, or what?

Mans Nilsson <mansaxel@sunet.se> writes:

> One idea though: I do have IPv6 enabled (as in v6-aware stacks and
> autoconfig enabled, but no other infrastructure support) on both
> hosts. Could it be that this interferes even though all on-the-wire
> communication is done over v4 (sniffed and checked, yup), perhaps as
> in garbled responses to gethostbyname() or similar?

You don't get v6-mapped addresses or something like that? I've had
some trouble with that.

If you feel like debugging, in krb5_verify_ap_req2 in
lib/krb5/rd_req.c, there's a "check addresses" comment, you can try to
print the two addresses somewhere around there. krb5_print_address()
can be handy.