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Re: Trouble with hprop

Thanks for the reply!

The principals I used were brand new.

The heimdal version that comes with OpenBSD 3.1 seem a bit strange,
there is no kstash (only a kth-krb kstash). Could my problem have
anything to do with the m-key? I don't know how to make a new one
without kstash so I'm using the old master key.
Is there anybody else that has any experience with the heimdal
ditributed with OpenBSD 3.1?

Are there any known problems with hprop in heimdal-0.4e?

TIA // Pär Aronsson

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 04:18, Nicolas Williams wrote:
> krb5_recvauth() complaints of failed decrypt integrity checks are a dead
> give-away that the key in the keytab entry for the principal/kvno/enctype
> of the service was not the same as that stored in the KDC's database.
> Perhaps you deleted the principal and then re-created it but forgot to
> do the same for its keytab entries.
> Cheers,
> Nico