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Re: Heimdal and r* client programs

Tillman Hodgson <tillman@seekingfire.com> writes:

> klogind stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/local/libexec/rlogind rlogind -k

Where did you get this rlogind? Heimdal doesn't come with a
rlogin/d. If it's from the krb4 package it's krb4 only.

> open("/usr/lib/libkrb.so.3",0x0,027757775574)    = 3 (0x3)

This also looks like Kerberos 4.

> athena# /usr/local/bin/rsh pluto

rsh without a command will just exec rlogin, so this is exactly like
above. You can try starting an rshd, and try rsh with a command.

> 7. I've since discovered FreeBSD's /etc/auth.conf

I suppose that it's for login-style programs (that ask for a
password), and not used for network authentication.

> Obviously I have a kerberos 5 ticket, though I don't have a v4 one. Is
> auth.conf only for v4?

I have no idea.