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Incremental propagation seems always to dump full database?

I have set up the ipropd mechanism for replicating the KDC database.
The initial database was obtained by converting the (afs salted) K4

hpropd[15941]: [ID 702911 auth.error] Received 19346 principals

When I try to e.g. add a new principal:

/usr/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -l add -r dummy

then on the slave server I do see the whole database (15MB) being
rewritten. The file /var/heimdal/log gets updated both on the master and
the slave. Both on the master and on the client the new principal is
contained in the database. No other files get changes, no new entries do
appear in log files. I am using 0.4e.

If I remove that same principal, the database on the client gets rebuilt
from scratch again. Incremental updates seem not to happen. Am I missing

Wolfgang Friebel