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Incremental propagation and kadmin merge

I wrote recently:

> When I try to e.g. add a new principal:
> /usr/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -l add -r dummy
> then on the slave server I do see the whole database (15MB) being
> rewritten.

I did some debugging and made the following observations:

If I populate the database, then start ipropd and then modify
the database using kadmin add/del everything seems to work as expected

If I use kadmin merge (that is what I want do do several times to keep the
old K4 and K5 in sync) with a running ipropd-master, then the log gets

> dump_log
nop: ver = 36, timestamp = 2002-08-19 11:26:34, len = 0

and on each subsequent action the database on the client gets rebuild from
scratch. If I stop and restart the ipropd master and slave(s) then the
incremental updates take place again and the log is getting updated.

Is this a bug or is that the expected behavior when I want to use the
kadmin merge functionality?

Wolfgang Friebel