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kdc upgrade gives key length error

Hi, tonight I upgraded my KDC to NetBSD-current, which appears to be
Heimdal 0.5, and now I can't kinit due to the KDC getting a
KRB5_BAD_KEYSIZE error in krb5_crypto_init...  This appears to be when
trying the kdc tries to load the krbtgt/REALM@REALM principal from the
database.  I dug a bit, and the key in the database has a length 4
bytes longer than the enctype would expect.  The extra four (invalid)
bytes of the key are all 0s...  I'm not sure, but this also looks like
it's the case with my user principal, as it also has the last four
bytes of the key being 0.  Is this a known problem, or should I try
and dig further?

Thanks in advance,