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Re: Heimdal 0.5.1 build problems

To follow up on my own posting, there was more than one problem. 

1. The compile_et binary (from a previous heimdal install) found in PATH
   and the com_err library in /lib (from some rpm) did not match. That
   resulted in "undefined reference to `initialize_error_table_r'".
   Changing PATH to exclude /usr/heimdal/bin/ did the trick.

2. When you have a good installation of openssl installed in your
   default library search path, configure trips over that and tries to
   use parts of it anyway in spite of the --without-openssl. Quick and
   dirty I edited my configure and removed all (3) defines of
   HAVE_OPENSSL. I am testing a patch which hopefully does something
   better (applies on crypto.m4), too.