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heimdal or pam auth with apache

I've set up Heimdal on debian and wonder how to set up Apache to 
allow Kerb/Heimdal users to authenticate?  Apache is set up with a 
self-signed certificate and I'd like to do this over https.

I've used PAM to allow sshd to use heimdal, so I know that at least 
that part is set up correctly.  But this does not seem to work with 

       [Mon Oct 28 11:04:49 2002] [error] (13)Permission denied: access
       to / failed for, reason: Authentication service cannot
       retrieve authentication info.

I've looked at "Using Kerberos for WWW authentication"
( http://meta.cesnet.cz/software/heimdal/negotiate.en.html )
but find that I get the error below when using their example.

         Invalid command 'GssKrb5Keytab', perhaps mis-spelled or
         defined by a module not included in the server configuration

Can anyone offer tips, examples or documentation for *any* method for debian?
Ideally without having to compile / recompile and without running 
apache as root.