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Re: mixing heimdal an MIT kerberos V

>>>>> "Gunnar" == Gunnar Gunnarsson <gunnar@ki.ericsson.se> writes:

    Gunnar> I'm running a heimdal version 0.5.1 as a kdc. Can I
    Gunnar> support solaris clients running Sun implementation of MIT
    Gunnar> kerberos ? According to Sun it's compatible with MIT
    Gunnar> 1.2.5.  Clients such as kinit works but listing keytab
    Gunnar> files with solaris version of ktutil made by heimdal
    Gunnar> doesn't work. Neither does solaris pam_krb5 module work
    Gunnar> with heimdal keytab files.

You then demonstrate the correct output from the MIT ktutil.  The
columns are labeled differently.  If you want enctypes with the MIT
tool use the -e option.