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RE: support of md5 passwords

This is a very common problem with OpenSSL 0.9.6. My solution is simply to
#if out the crypt() function from OpenSSL. Since most Unix platforms already
provide their own, one seldom needs the OpenSSL implementation anyway. In
0.9.7 I believe this function has been renamed to avoid these conflicts.
Worrying about library link order is a nightmare to be avoided...

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> Subject: support of md5 passwords
> Hi,
> I tried enabling MD5 passwords on my Heimdal machine (Heimdal
> 0.5.1, Openssl
> 0.9.6i,  Debian 3.0, ia64) and found out that programs verifying local
> passwords such as su or login stopped working. I found out
> the problem was
> caused by the fact that the crypt() function from Openssl seems not to
> support MD5 passwords and thus computes wrong hashes. The
> problem can be
> fixed by ensuring that the system libcrypt library is used by
> linker before
> libcrypto from openssl.  I'm not sure what's the right
> solution, as a quick
> fix I created simple adaptations to Makefiles (see attachement).
> --
> Dan