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Re: why heimdal over MIT?

fsmunoz@gesal.org [Fri, 14/03/2003 at 12:18 +0000]
> Frank Cusack writes: 
> >For those of you running heimdal, why did you select it over MIT? 
> >

Here (France), I couldn't get MIT source due to export restriction. So
Heimdal was the alternative.

Better afs integration (f.e. kinit gives you the token automaticly: one

I had at the time issues for authentication from windows machines  that
were solved more natively with Heimdal (I no longer remember the details

Bad point: Policies (pasword lifetime, password rules etc.) are
incompletely or weirdly implemented but nothing that can be cured by
some C coding.

Jean-Marc Chaton, Infra Team, IBM Paris Lab