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Re: ipropd-master CLOSE_WAIT problem

2003-03-19, sze keltezéssel Love ezt írta: 
> Balazs GAL <balsa@rit.bme.hu> writes:
> > If an perviously connected replica disconnect from ipropd-master, then
> > ipropd-master  will not close the used tcp socket until the replica
> > reconnect again.
> > Because it the the tcp socket will be in CLOSE_WAIT state.
> > Because it the select func in every loop will report this socket
> > as activ and will never sleep, so ipropd-master will eat all the
> > CPU time until the replica reconnect.
> So, ignoring slave that are dead in select processing will also solve the
> problem, this way I don't need to add another extra flag.

Maybe I'm wrong, but krb5_read_priv_message can only return

Should we really close the conection if it return other than 0 or
HEIM_ERR_EOF? The connection is unusable after a non null return?

I think, that SLAVE_F_DEAD flag is only for registration purpuses (e.g
looks cool in slaves-stats;).

On the whole, the incremental propagation works now well. Many thanks
for it. But as I noticed I should restart slaves in every 15 or 30
minutes, because it doesn't handle network outages well (it will keep
the connection open even if the master has closed it in the network
outages), and check often (e.g in every 2 minutes) if it run or not.