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RE: kinit and old credentials

I'm surprised it works with K4. As I recall, K4's credential cache didn't
store a principal name with each individual ticket, but rather it had one
principal name for the entire cache. As such, you shouldn't be able to do

I'm also surprised that it doesn't work with K5, since the K5 credential
cache stored a principal name with each individual ticket. But then again,
this is all from my (8 year old) memory of the MIT code, and I haven't looked
at the Heimdal cred cache code. I know this whole issue was a problem for us
when we wrote the combined K4/K5 Kclient module back at Platinum Technology;
I solved it by hacking the K4 to behave like the K5 cache, all in a single
shared memory region.

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> Andreas Haupt <ahaupt@ifh.de> writes:
> > Are there plans to enable multiple principals in the
> credentials file in a
> > future version? This would be very useful for our site.
> Yes. I've though about it.
> > To my mind it is a step back, because, as I wrote, it works with
> > Kerberos4.
> I don't think it does. Well, now it does, since now there isn't any
> Kerberos 4 cross realm any more.
> It works with klog, but that's cheating.
> Love