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Heimdal built with AES enabled fails to work

Hi.  I'm trying to test the AES support in Heimdal and make sure it
works with MIT Kerberos.  

I'm using the 20030428 snapshot.  I was able to build with ENABLE_AES
defined once I applied a patch to include/make_crypto.c that Assar
sent me.

I then configured default_etypes and default_keys to include aes.  I
deleted my database and  ran init in kadmin -l.
That worked; default@REALM had an AES key.

However, when I ran add hartmans, I got:
kadmin: adding hartmans@REALM: not owner

This appeared just after I was prompted for attributes and instead of
prompting for the password.  I looked at truss output and found that
no syscalls were made between read returning from reading attributes
and writing out the error message.

If I build the same snapshot without ENABLE_AES, it works fine, but
does not support AES.

Any help debugging this would be appreciated.