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Re: Heimdal libs with C++

At 12:51 PM +0200 5/6/03, Love wrote:
>Daniel Kouril <kouril@ics.muni.cz> writes:
>>  Hello all,
>>  I'm using the heimdal libraries from C++ code. In order to make the Heimdal
>>  calls link correctly, I needed to wrap the Heimdal headers into `extern "C"'
>>  definitions. Could this be added to the standard distributions?
>Should extern "C" be wrapped around standard header too ? (<stddef.h> and
>the headers that <krb5-types.h> include)

The standard system headers like stddef.h should do that themselves 
internally.  C libraries which might get called from C++ shouldn't, 
and generally don't, require special action on the part of the C++ 
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