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couple socket-connection questions

just wondering if there are plans to implement a connection timeout
mechanism in send_to_kdc(), since, for TCP connections, the OS time-
out on the connect() call is long enough to cause severe latency if,
for whatever reason, UDP connections won't work (e.g., stateless
UDP port filtering) and the preferred KDC is down. this is particu-
larly painfell, e.g., if you're using pam_krb5 or the like under
such circumstances

the other concern is with ipropd-slave. it would be nice if, if the
ipropd-master is down, the ipropd-slave would try reconnecting
later, or is that something for a script or daemontools to do? we
occasionally bring our entire network down and back up, and so it'd
be nice if ipropd-slaves didn't die if ipropd-master was a little
slow to start

thanks for any feedback