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Re: couple socket-connection questions

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 11:43:27PM +1000, Luke Howard wrote:

> Making the KDC fork() or multi-threaded for TCP clients would also be
> useful. Thoughts?

hopefully you're expecting an answer from the list, b/c i'm afraid i
don't have any commentary on the matter. my gut reaction is that one
doesn't expect TCP connections to last too long, right? so maybe the
overhead is unwarranted for that reason. or are there obvious proto-
col extensions coming down the line that would call for clients to
require more than a few intermittent, ``stateless'' packet exchanges
with the KDC? hmm. <tongue-in-cheek>in that case, maybe it's time to
turn Kerberos into a ``web service'', dump the DER, dress it up in
XML and give it a marketing makeover</tongue-in-cheek>