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Re: [DOCS] couple socket-connection questions

At 11:50 PM +0200 6/1/03, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
>Henry B. Hotz writes:
>>  My guess is that the module web page had a spelling error once which
>>  was picked up by the PostgreSQL admin manual.  The spelling error has
>>  been fixed everywhere now, except at PostgreSQL.
>The mention in the PostgreSQL documentation was once submitted by an
>external contributor and might have contained a typo.  Would you like to
>submit a correction, or should it be removed altogether?  I got a little
>bit lost about what is correct.

Gee, I was hoping you could tell me what was correct.

I'm guessing the correction should be:  change mod_auth_krb to mod_auth_kerb.

I'll post more info in a month or two when I have more info (like 
when I've tried it out).
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