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Re: memory leak in some Kerberos APIs? Was: Re: krb5 mechanism OID

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 11:40:12AM -0700, Kent_Wu@trendmicro.com wrote:
>    948       1    0x91be8   _krb5_extract_ticket<-get_cred_kdc_usage<-
> get_cred_kdc<-get_cred_kdc_la<-get_cred_from_kdc_flags<-
> krb5_get_credentials_with_flags<-krb5_get_credentials<-init_auth

maybe insert a call to krb5_free_creds(gssapi_krb5_context, cred)
into lib/gssapi/init_sec_context.c:init_auth() before the
``return GSS_S...'' statements . . . ? if you initialize cred to
NULL then you add a call to the failure: code also, checking it's
non-NULL first

but then again, i don't really know what this function's doing
and that some of the credential stuff isn't getting stuffed into
the GSSAPI context_handle, so have your Sun Workshop core inspec-
tor handy