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build heimdal for distribution


[first of all I'm sorry if you receive duplicates of this mail. The
first time I sent it I used a non subscribing account] 

I'm planing on building heimdal for the KTHCD2004 project. So now I have
some questions.

The cd will be used by the KTH students to login to the different
unix/linux system at kth, and should also work with AFS (most likely
OpenAFS). The binarys should run on as many linux x86 distributions as
possible (including future releases within 1 year).

Which version of heimdal do you recommend that I use?
Which versions of programs and libs do you recommend that I build this
heimdal version against? for example openssl, kthkrb4 version?
Which gcc and ld version should I use?
Do you recommend that I compile it on some special linux

I'm of course very grateful for any other recommendations. 

I want to compile the binaries statically so there are less problems
with the different distributions.

Are there any precompiled packages of heimdal that fit this description.
I could only find some old versions (like 0.3).