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can not find server or client


I am trying to setup an OBSD 3.2 to use a remote kdc to authenticate local
user login's. The remote kdc is a MS AD server.
I can get a ticket by using kinit with no problem... after.,...I login in
using passwd db.

I have set the default auth in login.conf to krb5-or-pwd, and set krb5.conf
to the realm of AD , here is a snip

        default_realm = MYAD.DOMAIN_NAME

I am using a win2000 DNS w/svr record support. I changed the ETYPES to the
recommendation in the heimdal documentation.

When I try to login to the system from a normal login prompt the systems
hangs for a minute or so and returns an error to the effect ... can not
find server (or client) in database.

It appears to me that the login app is querying the OBSD and not the remote
MS kdc. I think I missed something somewhere?