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Re: can not find server or client

      Thanks for responding.

>Are you sure openbsd's tools read the right krb5.conf file ?

I believe it is, however I am not too sure how to confirm this. Which tools
are you referring to?

>The hanging sounds like dns resolving doesn't work.

I double checked my DNS setup, and ran a capture from that server(file is
enclosed 11.3KB)with ethereal. It seems that it is finding my MS KDC. I
think packets 11 & 12 show this. Packet 12 is returning

There was one recommended configure from the Heimdal doc that I did not
preform. I was unsure if it applied or on which server ( the OBSD or MS).

kadmin del_enctype lha des-cbc-md5

Take Care

(See attached file: first capture)

first capture