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Re: Odd afs token behavior with Heimdal and OpenAFS

On Thu, the 28th of Elul, 5763 (09/25/2003) Love wrote:

> Gedaliah Wolosh <gwolosh@njit.edu> writes:
> > The AFS ID is the same 1001 while the permission are correct.
> >
> > What am I doing wrong??
> You are doing nothing wrong. Its how the code currectly work. The number
> should really be fetched from the pts server, but since heimdal doesn't
> include a rx-stack it can't do that. It does the second best thing, use
> your uid.

Good, at least I am know I can read instructions. :)

> The number you see it not used for anything the but to be presented for the
> user when the user runs the tokens command.

However, it is important in some circumstance to know what token you have.
For example, when testing commercial software installations I like to get
the token of an unpriviliged user.  Up to now the way I verify it is by
running the tokens command. I guess klist will tell me which accurately
who I am.

> Writing a one packet, one responce rx-stack should be quite simple. The
> ka-server emulation does exactly that, but in the opposite direction.

Not sure what you mean here, but if I buile with kaserver emulation will
I get the functionality I am used to?  Are there disadvantages to doing


> Love