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Re: kxd: getnameinfo failed

Lars Albertsson <lalle@sics.se> writes:

> I'm trying to use kx between two x86 redhat 8 machines, but kxd
> complains that getnameinfo fails. Some debugging reveals that this
> call at line 230 recv_conn, kxd.c fails with -6 (EAI_FAMILY) as return
> value:
> Does anybody have any idea of what goes wrong?

Its a known bug, please try a 0.6 snapshot.

Lars Albertsson <lalle@sics.se> writes:

> verify_krb5_conf.c contains some missing quotation marks. They are
> within #if 0, but gcc's preprocessor barfs due to the newline in
> between.

Same here.



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