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Re: Symbol reference errors heimdal-0.6, solaris 8

Elliot Metsger <emetsger@jhu.edu> writes:

> Heimdal builds and installs fine, but the problem is that the resulting
> libraries have a lot of missing symbols, and nothing can link against
> them.

Are you sure you link with the extra libs libkrb5 needs, use krb5-config
--libs to find what they are.

$ nm /usr/heimdal/lib/libkrb5.a| grep krb5_set_error | sort -u
         U krb5_set_error_string
00000050 T krb5_set_error_string
$ krb5-config --libs
-L/usr/heimdal/lib -lkrb5 -lasn1 -lcrypto -lroken -lcrypt

Can you give an example of a link error you get ?


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