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user mapping

Hi :)

I just set up heimdal under OpenBSD-3.4.
I read all the man and info pages available with the system but I still get a 
few simple questions.
First, just to let you know, login authentication works like a charm.

Now, I figured I couldn't use something like:
user@REALM.COM all
in my kadmind.acl, but I had to use:
user/admin@REALM.COM all
So, I created a second user called user/admin and I can now use kadmin with no 
Now, is there a way to make user and user/admin the same user ? Either using a 
mapping or something ?
Indeed, I need to give some different access for admin to some people in my 
company, and I would prefer not to use 2 accounts (user1+user1/admin, 

I hope it is understandable, English is not my first language.
I keep my other questions for latter when I would have resolved this issue.

thanks in advance,